Netflix’s Castlevania series renewed for season 2


We’re pretty used to movies getting sequels before they’re even released (hell, some get them before they even begin shooting), but television has been slower to pick up on the trend. Probably because they want to avoid awkward situations like The Mummy. However, Netflix is probably the fastest to turn around renewals and they’ve done so pretty quickly for their Castlevania mini-series. Season 2 has been announced just hours after all four episodes of the show went live this morning. 

We’ll have a review up of it soon, but you can already start getting excited for next season despite not having watched this season yet (unless you have). Season 2 will double the episode count, getting a whopping 8 in total. No word on if Warren Ellis will return to write again, but from what I’ve heard from the Flixist staff who have watched the show it would be a very good thing if he did. 

Matthew Razak
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