Netflix still offering takeout Coffee & Kareem trailer and poster following social distancing guidelines

Coffee & Kareem starring Ed Helms & Taraji P Henson | Official Trailer | Netflix

It’s been nearly six years since two grown men decided to impersonate cops and have a good time in Let’s Be Cops, so in some ways we’re vastly overdue for a real police officer to hit up a strip club with a 12-year-old sidekick. Personally, I think it made more sense in the Beverley Hills Cop trilogy, when the wisecracking cop went with other cops, but you know, kids.

This is movie poster gold: it features a mustache, an exploding police car, a dope minivan, and a couple of dollar bills floating in the air. It’s near perfect. This hodge-podge amalgam of retro cinematic cliches fires on every cylinder known to bad movies. Ed Helms, beautified just the right amount. Multiple explosions. Dudes with big chains. Guns. Lots of guns.

While the trailer appears to play fast and loose with racial tropes, Terrence Little Gardenhigh (Kareem) appears to be the real deal. His IMDB is pretty sparse, but from the trailer, his performances promises to solidify every idea Good Boys had about filming too-young-children using every dirty word in the book and runs with it. This sort of real world humor is primed to mesh with Helms’ dry, earnest, by-the-book appeal. Plus, Betty Gilpin, the only part of the recently released and forgotten The Hunt that was amazing is in it too? Oh hell  yes. Please, extra Kareem with this Coffee. See, that’s the joke in the title, and now I’ve used it too.