New 22 Jump Street trailer has hilarious alternate ending

22 Jump Street - Official Green Band Trailer (Alternate Ending)

21 Jump Street was so surprisingly funny that I literally ascended to a higher plane of existence while watching it in the theater.  In the cold light of 2014, I am hoping that 22 Jump Street takes me back to that same magical place above the clouds.

This alternate ending-ed 22 Jump Street trailer includes a new scene with more of the quirky humor that made 21 Jump Street such a treasure, and I’m all for it. I wasn’t too impressed with the initial 22 Jump Street trailer, but this new scene gave me a reassuring chuckle. I remember not being impressed with the 21 Jump Street trailers back in the day either, so here’s to hoping 22 Jump Street follows in its predecessor’s footsteps by being sinfully and surprisingly hilarious. 

22 Jump Street opens June 13th.