New Batmobile and Wonder Woman costume pics from Batman v. Superman


There’s a bit more Superman v. Batman news today in case you haven’t gotten your fix yet. In addition to the official plot synopsis for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Collider snapped some pics of the Batmobile and the Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Superman (Henry Cavill), and Batman (Ben Affleck) costumes at The Licensing Expo in Las Vegas.

The Batmobile pics are not as moodily lit of color corrected as the Batmobile pics from last year, though there’s a nice look at the cockpit, which includes a spaceship steering wheel, a fighter jet throttle, neon labeling, and a rudimentary flux capacitor (which makes Bat-time-travel possible, old chum). Collider also got video of the Batmobile revving its engines via Instagram.

The Expo also had the Wonder Woman costume on display in public for the first time. Collider scored some good detail shots of her shield and her lasso. It’s interesting that all of the costumes look much brighter in these pics before they’ll likely be desaturated and Snyderized for the final film.

We have a few pics from the Expo in the gallery. Check out the Collider links below for more hi-res images of the Batmobile and the Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman costumes.

[via Collider and Collider]

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