New Fantastic Four images continue to be pretty generic


Information on this summer’s upcoming Fantastic Four (please never call it Fant4stic) has been slow-coming. Despite a teaser trailer and some previously released images, we still don’t know much about Fox’s upcoming reboot. Unfortunately, a new set of images released today by Total Film don’t offer much more in the way of info.

All the images depict the characters in some kind of wacky jumpsuits that may or may not be this movie’s version of the iconic Fantastic Four jumpsuits (or, more likely, they’re the suits our intrepid heroes don on the journey that gives them their powers). The four images depict Reed Richards (Miles Teller), Susan Storm (Kate Mara) and Johnny Storm (Michael B. Jordan) looking broody, though Johnny is surrounded by scientists in shiny hazmat suits, so that’s something at least. There’s still no glimpse of Toby Kebbell’s Victor Domashev, also known as Dr. Doom. 

Also starring Jamie Bell, Reg. E. Cathey and directed by Josh Trank, Fantastic Four is due in theaters August 7. Hopefully between now and then, we get glimpses of the characters that aren’t just the characters standing around looking super-serious.

[via Total Film/GamesRadar]