New Gretel & Hansel trailer looks way better than a January movie ought to


GRETEL & HANSEL Official Trailer (2020)

How is this movie coming out in January? I just don’t get it. The first trailer was fantastic, and this fresh peek at Oz Perkins’ latest is just so lush with inventive storybook horror images that I can’t see this being any less than a visual treat. It’s got plenty of The Witch but even a bit of The Holy Mountain on its palette, and I just can’t wait to feel all this gnarly neatness hit my eyeballs. Maybe the low-tier release window is just a way of giving Gretel & Hansel room to breathe or maybe it shows a lack of confidence, but my god this looks chillingly good.

The only issues this more story-deep trailer suggests are some hints at Gretel maybe having super powers and being some sort of chosen one along with talk of “a storm’s coming,” which shakes my faith in the plot a smidge–just a smidge.

I still feel this fairy tale adaptation’s biggest mistake is not casting Willem Dafoe as the witch, though. He would’ve been perfect, and I’ll die on that hill.

Gretel & Hansel will eat up theaters on January 31, 2019.

Kyle Yadlosky
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