New image of Assassins Creed takes us to the future


If you’ve played Assassin’s Creed you know that it’s not actually a game set in the past, but a game set in the mind of a man reliving his ancestor’s past. Since the original that dichotomy has gone all over the place as the franchise became annualized and the plot stretched. The movie is taking it back to square one so that past/future stuff is in full force. While we’ve only seen the past in previous images we now get our first look at the present… and it’s a room. Maybe there’s a reason we only saw the past.

If the film is anything like the game most of the action is going to take place in the past with Fassbender running around as Aguilar and assassinating people. We’ll cut back every so often to Callum Lynch, who is the “present” version of Fassbender, every so often as he runs around a locked room looking for clues. OK, that’s probably a bit too literal an interpretation of the first game. With Fassbender claiming the film is like the Matrix I think we’re going to see plenty of play between past and future. 

Assassin’s Creed has just wrapped filming so, despite our disbelief, it’s actually going to happen. I think I just lot some money. 

Matthew Razak
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