New It reboot has trailer, will terrorize kids birthday parties


It, the re-clown-boot, which previously underwhelmed, nay, whelmed with first look material has put on its big boy clown pants for this new teaser trailer (clocking in at a full 2:32).

Allow me to say, I’m intrigued again. No more quips. No more gags. This appears to feature real child acting (reminiscent of the oh so popular Stranger Things, cinematography, and a really eerie vibe that promises scares-a-plenty (loving the anamorphic widescreen composition!). I know I’ve said a Tim Curry-less It just wouldn’t feel right, but this latest adaptation seems to offer a lot, and may just prove to be Steven King’s first true adaptation as a real hit at the box office.

IT - Official Teaser Trailer

Holy smokes. So many cues from the book. So much potential. I’m in: are you?