New screenwriters of Splinter Cell movie


Things seem to be rolling along for Tom Hardy’s Splinter Cell film, which has a director, but evidently not a strong enough screenplay. Up in the Air writer Sheldon Turner has come on board to rewrite the screenplay so that filming can begin in August. Since we hadn’t heard anything about the story previous to this these are probably just normal rewrites brought on by director Doug Liman, who was actually working previously on an Everest movie with Hardy and Turner that feel through. 

Of all the gaming franchises out there I think Splinter Cell is easily the most adaptable as it’s simply a stealthy, spy action thing with plenty of chances to be cinematic and awesome. I’d love if it got a bit more complex than your average gaming adaptation, as the characters in the game actually lend themselves to that, but I’m fine with simply having a guy sneak up on people and snap some necks. 

[via Deadline]

Matthew Razak
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