New World War Z poster isn’t even trying anymore


World War Z with Brad Pitt is pretty much DOA. We know, for instance, that the bloated, unfaithful, neutered (it’s a bloodless PG-13) adaptation of the Max Brooks book will need to make $400 million just to break even, and that large chunks of the movie that were already filmed were scrapped in order to create a new final act. Not even China can save World War Z at this point.

Which is why the new poster for World War Z sort of makes sense — it’s just given up. This is basically the same as a previously released poster for World War Z (seen on the right in the header). In both, Brad Pitt stares down on the smoldering ruins of the movie. Man, that’s scary.

Check out the new poster and the old poster that’s basically the same in the gallery. World War Z marches boldly into epic failure (and theaters) on June 21st.

[via Coming Soon]

Hubert Vigilla
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