Newest Trailer for Trolls World Tour delivers plot and music


Trolls turned out to be a really good kids movie when it landed many years ago. It was followed up by a cartoon and a Christmas special but the absence of a sequel meant that parents (like myself) were stuck watching the first movie over and over. Far worse movies have been locked onto by small children but it’s nice a sequel is coming out soon, is all I’m saying. 


The new trailer basically lays out the plot but goes light on the songs this time around. An evil heavy metal troll has decided to break all the strings that give Trolls music and if you’ve watched the original film 50 times over than you know that Trolls love music so this would be bad. Honestly, as long as the songs are still super catchy and the movie plays out well I’m up for some random excuse to branch out into other music styles.

Trolls World Tour releases April 17, 2019.

Matthew Razak
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