Nolan’s Interstellar last 70mm film IMAX release?


While this appears to be a rumor at first, there is some fairly substantial evidence behind this.

According to NolanFans, Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar may likely be the last film to have a 70mm IMAX print and release. This small tidbit of information appeared to be a rumor, but according to CinesArgentinos it appears to be true.

With the translating done by NolanFans and whatever Google Translate could do, here’s what we have. IMAX President Greg Foster said at Cinemacon last month that when the movie is released in November 2014, there will be less than a dozen 70mm IMAX screens it will be released to. The reason for this is because IMAX will be finishing its installation of their new dual 4K laser projection system. CinesArgentinos also confirmed that the current aspect ratio that is used for their 70mm IMAX screens (1.44:1) is going to be kept with IMAX’s new dual 4K laser projection system that it will be implementing.

So Nolan’s Interstellar will be the last 70mm IMAX print because IMAX will be phasing out their current projection systems (70mm and digital 2K) for their new dual 4K laser projection system. I can understand why, but I have a gut feeling it just won’t be the same at all. What do people think about this?

[CineArgentinos via NolanFans]