Now You See Me director returning for sequel


We aren’t really sure why, but Now You See Me was pretty much a smash hit this summer, and that’s in a summer that’s getting a rep for being a disappointment. As we reported before, this means a sequel and it looks like the sequel will be helmed by the original’s director, Louis Leterrier. The director told ComingSoon that they’re hard at work on the sequel, and suprisingly the first film was designed to have a follow up movie.

…Riiiiight. While I’m sure they’ll pull something out of their magic hat, that last film ended and it ended well. As for Leterrier returning it’s hard to care that much. Now You See Me was pretty bland all around in my opinion and his direction actually made the twist ending a bit too obvious. Evidently the next one will have a twist ending too, which reeks of trying to make the same movie twice. That never works out in the end.

[ComingSoon, via Collider]

Matthew Razak
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