NYC: See Bending Steel at Coney Island for free on 7/8


One of my favorite films from the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival was Bending Steel, a documentary on Chris Schoeck’s quest to become an old-time strongman. At its core, Bending Steel is a remarkably moving film about a person finally discovering his true calling in life. (You can read our interview with Chris Schoeck, director Dave Carroll, and producer Ryan Scafuro by clicking here.)

Bending Steel will screen for free at Coney Island on Monday, July 8th as part of Rooftop Film’s summer film series. The documentary will be preceded by The Coney Island Dancers as well as a strongman demonstration by Adam RealMan and Chris “Hairculese” Rider.

For more information about the screening, click here or visit

Hubert Vigilla
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