NYCC 2019: The new Walking Dead series has no name but has emotion


As we all know, The Walking Dead is forever shambling forward with spin-offs, movies, and even season 10. The biggest mystery recently has been the subject matter and name of the newest, third, series. Thanks to NYCC we have answers! The series is landing the spring of 2020 and it’s really cool. We got a first look at the trailer.

The trailer opened talking about Monument Day with a young woman discussing her father going out to restart humanity within a colony of 9,000 people. The team focuses on a group of teens — Iris, Hope, Elton, Cylis, Huck, and Felix — ten-years afterward the zombie apocalypse, who decide to leave their safe enclosure for various reasons. The trailer rings a hopeful note almost as the teens fight for each other and kind of find themselves. There were plenty of shots of zombie killing action but mostly the narration was about making life count. It looks visually along the same lines of the other shows, though clearly this one plays a bit more like a teenage drama than the kind of high-level survival that the others have.

It also feels more straightforward in its story line with the kids on a quest of some sort. A more point A to point B style storytelling. The kids are travelling on a long journey of hundreds of miles according to the show’s producers. 

The idea is to give a new view of the world of The Walking Dead by taking people who have grown up in this world, but in a world of safety. It means you can re-tackle a lot of issues in a different way. These kids know how to kill walkers but they never have. They’ve never needed to. The series has a heavy focus on people who are no longer concerned with survival but instead are working to rebuild humanity. 

It’s also opening up a new conncted universe. The three circles we’ve seen in other shows as random symbols represent three civilizations. The kids come from one of those civilizations. It sounds like all three shows might deal with these civilizations and maybe that will cause a crossover at some point. The producers discussed that they’ll be dropping hints in the show from the other shows and that this show is the one that will really open up the universe’s mythology.

Oh yea, there may be a musical too.

Matthew Razak
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