Orange Is the New Black will end in 2019


It’s an emotional week for Orange Is the New Black viewers and fans. The cast posted a farewell video announcing that Season Seven of the popular Netflix comedy/drama will really be the end in 2019. For longtime fans of the series, who probably binge-watched it on a regular basis, this is not the news they want to hear but sadly all good things, as they say, must come to end. I never managed to really get into this series but now that it is ending I have a lot of catching up to do. I did hear a lot of good things about it so at least I have a year to catch up on six seasons!

“I’m going to miss playing and living on the edge of one of the most groundbreaking and original and controversial series of this decade,” Kate Mulgrew, who portrays Red, says in the video.

The cast clearly became a close-knit family and community over the course of the seasons but it sounds like they are ready to move on.

I remember when the series first came out and how popular it was when Halloween came around. This series really made you look at prison and the people in it, in a whole new light. Orange Is the New Black made its Netflix debut back in 2013 and since then it has built up quite the fanbase. Funny fact, one fan back in 2015 snuck onto the grounds of “Litchfield”  which in reality is actually Rockland Children’s Psychiatric Centre, where OITNB is shot.  She posted the photos to Tumblr and then the official OITNB account picked up on it and made a joke about what happens to trespassers. Over the previous six seasons, it earned itself 16 Emmy Nominations and four wins. They must be doing something right.

Farewell Orange Is the New Black and thanks for the laughs, the tears, and the memories and  I am sure fans can’t wait to enjoy the final journey you all will take next year.

‘Orange Is the New Black will end with season 7 in 2019‘[]

Tarah Bleier
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