Oscar Isaac hunts down one of WWII’s biggest criminals

OPERATION FINALE | Official Trailer | MGM

Fifteen years after the Second World War, a covert operation was put into action to take down Adolf Eichmann. A lieutenant-colonel in the Nazi regime and a significant player behind the organization of the Holocaust, Eichmann helped turned voluntary exportation into mandatory deportation then eventual extermination. At the end of the war he was detained by American forces before escaping and using false identities to make his way to Argentina where he was finally captured by Mossad agents. 

Directed by Christ Weitz and starring Oscar Isaac and Sir Ben Kingsley, Operation Finale brings the hunt and eventual capture of Adolf Eichmann to the big screen. The two heavy hitters have an excellent supporting cast that includes Mélanie Laurent, Haley Lu Richardson, Nick Kroll, Lior Raz, Pêpê Rapazote, and Joe Alwyn. 

Operation Finale hits theaters on September 21st. 

Nick Hershey