Pacific Rim viral campaign ramps up


Even though the film’s release is months away, Pacific Rim‘s viral campaign has launched today, probably in anticipation of the upcoming trailer that will show before The Hobbit.  You can check out the viral site here at Thus far we’ve been presented with a map and a countdown clock, so nothing out of the ordinary there. There is, however, a video and letter to be found as well on the official site for the movie. The video, which you can catch down below, is a test of the Kaiju Emergency Alert System, something I desperately wish existed for the safety of all mankind. The letter — which you can see in the gallery — is a pledge of certain named pilots for the PPDC Jaeger Initiative from the Marshall of the Britain Air Command. 

I usually don’t go in for this type of marketing stuff, but my excitement for the movie leaves me hungry for any sort of information I can get. As long as the viral campaign can contribute to the Pacific Rim universe to some degree I’ll gladly follow it. In the meantime we can all anxiously await the film’s release next July.

Test of the Kaiju Emergency Alert System


[Pacific Rim Movie via IndieWire]