Patty Jenkins is not signed on for Wonder Woman 2 yet


Unlike many of the other DCEU films Wonder Woman deserve to be the massive hit it has become, pulling in well over $100 million over the weekend, and outpacing box office expectations by a lot. However, because Patty Jenkins had only directed one movie before taking on Wonder Woman, and because execs may have been a bit unprepared for the universal praise and success of the film, they only made a one-movie deal with her, and that means she can negotiate quite a nice contract to return.

Contrary to earlier reports that the director was already locked in for a second film, it appears she never was. THR is reporting that while she isn’t signed both sides are interested in her returning, and that talks will begin soon.

That’s a good thing. Jenkins direction is one of the highlights of the film, pulling emotion out of her actors and out Zack-Snydering Zack Snyder in terms of action. Plus, it turned out having a female directed/female starring film was a boon to the films success. Who would have thought?

This isn’t entirely out of character for Warner Bros., though it could end up costing them millions if Jenkins plays hardball. The studio has taken an approach to its superhero movies that’s a bit different from Marvel. Sequels are not guaranteed and are definitely not laid out in a perfect plan. We still don’t have a Man of Steel sequel, and that made a ton of money. 

Matthew Razak
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