Paul Feig may direct Ghostbusters 3, could be all female reboot


Ghostbusters 3 never seems to die. Years of developmental trouble, years of Bill Murray’s public distaste for idea, and Harold Ramis’ sad death still could not quell talk of this sequel. We try to keep away from most of the talk here, but it seems like it’s much closer to becoming a reality than ever before. 

According to THR, Sony is eyeing Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, The Heat) to direct the threequel, now (according to their sources) a reboot focusing a female gang of Ghostbusters. No official negotiations have taken place, but usually when studios get a plan finally set (and it’s the most sound it has been in years) the ball gets rolling quickly. Now I like the idea of a team of Ghostbuster women, as there are tons of comediennes ruling the public eye right now, I don’t like the fact that Paul Feig may be the one to bring it. 

Look, Feig has a good TV directing career, but his two big women led films were completely awful. It’s almost as if he presents these talented women (like Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock) at their worst. Give him the director gig, whatever, but please have a good writer involved so it has a fair shot at success. 

[via THR]