Pitch Perfect 3 has picture perfect poster: Last Call Pitches


Pitch Perfect has been an unexpectedly enjoyable franchise. It's irreverent, yet stays on point, and by and large does a wonderful job of staying in the realm of comedy while still having a story (as non-earth shattering as it may be). It's easy to remain excited about the third installment--whether it be to get your next dose of the Bellas, or to look for all those little asides, those gems, that become so highly reference-friendly post-viewing.

The first promotional poster for the film stays on point: we've got the cast, which makes sense, as it's definitely an ensemble story; it's clean--i.e., not a clusterfuck; it's stylish--way to make those Bellas look badass; and it's funny. That's easy to understand and easy to be onboard with. Way to keep us excited for this a cappella threepeat, Universal!

As you know, we love alternate taglines--feel free to drop them in the comments, below.

Pitch Perfect 3 post artwork: Last Call Pitches

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