Pixar heads to the real world on Disney+ with Inside Out


Disney+ launched on Tuesday, and with it came the very first episode of Pixar In Real Life. These are little short five minute episodes bringing some of the most memorable Pixar characters and moments and putting them into real-life scenarios. Hidden cameras catch all the action as unsuspecting people get caught in the middle of all this Pixar action. Other notable Pixar moments and characters set to appear in later episodes according to the trailer include Monsters IncWall-E, The IncrediblesUP! and more.

Pixar IRL – Official Trailer | Disney+ | Start Streaming Nov. 12

Pixar has taken us on a journey from the lives of toys, cars bugs and even inside our own emotions,  The first episode that aired on the new streaming network was a nod to Inside Out which was what appeared to be a giant social experiment. The Inside Out console that controls the main character Riley and others was set up in a park in New York City.

Those stopping by the console were a tad confused by it. They were left thinking it was some kind of new video game. When they looked closer they noticed the very same buttons and levers representing the five key emotions we see in Inside Out. Now as soon as they start messing with the controls various actors, change their emotions rapidly and act out different scenarios right in front of their eyes.

Some were in awe of the experience while others just made a huge joke out of it. The acting, I will admit, was very very corny and unbelievable at times. It looked so fake but was entertaining to those directly involved. A few people would pick specific emotions and switch quickly making the actors have to work hard. The acting was just not believable and from a viewer standpoint, I can see why those who were caught in this didn’t take it seriously.

It was just so overacted in my opinion. If this was an experience offered at a Disney Park sure, but the whole episode was just a loop of the same thing. Random person or group comes up to the console, plays with buttons and actors do their thing.The scenes and actors changed but the premise remained the same. I get that it was to bring the experience of Inside Out to the real world but it fell so so flat. Had they maybe had different scenarios that happened in Inside Out, that could have worked better. Instead what we got was random pairs of actors just suddenly going from being over the top happy to extremely angry in a split second. I am seriously looking forward to the other episodes in this series as they seem to be better planned and executed compared to this one.

For the first episode, Disney maybe should have picked something a tad stronger to start with, I know that clip with a real-life Wall-E roaming around certainly piqued my interest. Let’s wait and see and hope the others are less of a joke than this one was.

Tarah Bleier
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