Plenty of first looks at Ridley Scott’s The Martian


The novel The Martian is still in my must read pile, but it’s supposed to be a fantastic and science-based tale of space survival, which is basically Ridley Scott’s wheelhouse, so the adaptation is basically made for the man. We already know that Matt Damon can do space survival thanks to Interstellar so lets all just get really excited for The Martian by looking at a few images of it.

Really, Scott has been on a roll of disappointing features recently so despite these images showing absolutely nothing to go on I’m going to place all my hope in them being the second coming of Scott. I hear the novel is a pretty single character driven affair so hopefully the inclusion of Kristen Wiig here doesn’t mean they’re trying to romance it up.

The Martian will land on November 25th.

(Also, Aksel Hennie is in this and according to our resident European, Per, he is the most annoying piece of sh*t Norwegian actor, and is in EVERY Norwegian movie ever. So now you’re warned.)

Matthew Razak
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