Possible concept art for Amazing Spider-Man’s Lizard


Just yesterday we got what some would call our first look at The Lizard from the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man (note: others might call it a Pez dispenser). Today we have some alleged concept art for the character from Russian site SpiderMedia.Ru. Now, whether or not we can trust the Russians (damn commies) is a matter of debate, but if this is real it gives us a great look at the character.

The art definitely looks a lot like the Pez dispenser and matches our description from SDCC. What do you think? Like the more humanoid look of the scaled villain or would you have preferred a bit more adherence to the look of the modern comics? I’m told this look actually jives pretty well with The Lizard’s first appearance in the comic so they could excuse it as truly old school. Either way its going to let Rhys Ifans be way more emotive than the long-nosed look would.

[SpiderMedia.Ru, via io9]

Matthew Razak
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