Possible concept art from Hellraiser reboot


A reboot of the Hellraiser franchise has been in development for a long while. Martyrs director Pascal Laugier was at the helm for a spell, as were Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer. Both those projects fell through, but Paul Gerrard and Mike Le Han may get the movie off the ground. Some possible Hellraiser reboot concept art has surfaced, showing a haphazardly nailed Pinhead, someone playing with the Lament Configuration box, and a figure in a “Watergod Chamber.”

JoBlo reports that Gerrard and Le Han have also filmed a teaser to go with their Hellraiser reboot pitch. The teaser, which has yet to pop up online, was filmed by a crew of 47 and features “100 bloodied extras.”

On a personal note, the only thing Hellraiser related I’m interested in these days is Clive Barker’s The Scarlet Gospels. Long in the works, the novel is about private detective Harry D’Amour (Lord of Illusions; The Great and Secret Show, Everville) journeying through hell and confronting Pinhead. Hopefully the book (weighing in at a hefty 243,000 words) blends the metaphysical scope of The Great and Secret Show with the splatter punk craziness of The Hellbound Heart and The Books of Blood.

Check out Paul Gerrard’s Hellraiser reboot concept art in the gallery.

[Via JoBlo, Geeky Tyrant]

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