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Preacher (TV Show)

When AMC announced that they were going to be working with Seth Rogen and Sam Catlin to adapt the beloved 90's comic Preacher a lot of people started wondering whether or not the cable network could pull it off. Fan fears were rightfully warranted as the comic has heaps of Garth Ennis' almost trademarked line-pushing content that would probably do better on one of the premium channels, but to say that Preacher was only about the vulgar and offensive undermines the best part of the comic, the characters.

Through all the bloodshed, cursing, and blasphemy the characters of Preacher are what shine through, a misfit band of morally gray characters on a mission to find God. It's in these characters that AMC, Rogan, and Catlin have placed their trust to faithfully tell the story of the comic while still telling their take on it. The first season was all about setting up the major characters and setting them in motion, the second season uses those established characters to tell some genuinely great stories where humans, holy figures, shadowy cabals, and a drug-addicted Irish vampire all become entangled in a search for a missing God.

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