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The All-American Avengers

“With everything that's happening, the things that are about to come to light, people might just need a little old-fashioned.”--Agent Phil Coulson, The Avengers. 

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Megan's Top 15 Movies of 2014

2014 was a pretty great year for movies, so coming up with a year end list was pretty tough for me. Originally I thought I'd just do top 5, and then top 10... but no. It had to be top 15 because I saw so many awesome films last year, and it...

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Flixgiving: Five Movies Megan is Thankful for

Ah yes, Thanksgiving. Normally, during this holiday I'm at my parents' house and I get to eat all sorts of delicious things my mom makes (although I hated all of it when I was little and kept insisting when I was grown up I'd just order piz...

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Box Office Numbers: Still Livin' in America

For the third week in a row, Captain America: The Winter Soldier claimed the top spot at the box office this weekend with $26 million. Although it's surprising since a whole host of new, mediocre looking films released this past weekend. No...

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Box Office Numbers: Try and Stop Us

For the second week in a row, Captain America: The Winter Soldier takes the top spot at the box office raking in just over $41 million. Coming in at an extremely close second is Rio 2, with $39 million. It nearly took the whole weekend as i...

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Box Office Numbers: America...F**k yeah.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier may not be the best movie, but it's a great follow up to The First Avenger and it's going to be especially hard for future Marvel films to top. Given that The Winter Soldier set a new record for April wee...

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Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America: The First Avenger is my favorite film out of the Marvel line up (which is why I claimed this review). Captain America has always been my personal favorite Marvel character due to a mix of that cool Saturday morning cartoon ...


See Captain America: The Winter Soldier early and free

OK, folks. If you're reading these words and haven't grabbed the passes yet then they're probably gone. We've got a limited number of passes to a screening of Captain America: The Winter Soldier next week in Washington DC. You've proba...


Russo brothers will return for Captain America 3

Anthony and Joe Russo, the writers/directors of the highly anticipated Captain America: The Winter Soldier have confirmed their involvement in a third Cap movie. In an interview with Collider, Joe Russo talked about the status of Captain Am...

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Second trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America: The First Avenger was my favorite pre-Avengers Marvel movie, and by the looks of this second trailer for its follow up, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the sequel is going to be as good or better than the first. The s...


Four cool new Captain America: Winter Soldier pictures

March 28th is like, real soon. Hell, 2014 is literally tomorrow. What this means is we have less than (LESS THAN, PEOPLE!) four months until Captain America punches a bunch of dudes faces in. In the mean time, to wet your whistles, Emp...

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First trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Now that Thor: The Dark World is getting ready to hammer down theaters in November, it's Captain America's turn to shine as Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits next year. Set a few years after the events of The Avengers, Cap (Chris Ev...

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New Captain America: Winter Soldier image is full of Bane

Here is the first closeup image of Captain America: The Winter Soldier's titular villain, Winter Soldier. Sebastian Stan looks quite spiffy and close to the art released awhile back. Though there's something too familiar about his look. Alt...


Captain America: The Winter Soldier begins production

Set to release April 4th next year, Captain America: The Winter Soldier has finally started production. With this news is the press release featuring the first image for the film (above), a summary, and a full cast list:  Captain Amer...


Robert Redford is the head of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Just last week we reported that Robert Redford was in talks with the possibility of him joining the cast of Marvel’s upcoming film, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Today he was confirmed for his casting in the film and he reveale...


Robert Redford may join cast of Captain America sequel

Robert Redford is in talks to possibly join the cast of Marvel's upcoming Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Despite looking as gnarled as a tree root, Redford has kept busy these last several years directing and starring in his own featu...


Disney unveils its 2014-15 film release slate

Just the other day, Disney announced its planned film releases for 2014 and 2015. Notably, there are a few big changes. Maleficent, the Angelina Jolie (and daughter) starring prequel to Sleeping Beauty, is moved from its original March rele...


Captain America: The Winter Soldier full of SHIELD cameos

With Halloween just a few hours away, juicy news of films about men dressing up in costumes seems very fitting, no? Yesterday, we found out that Frank Grillo (End of Watch) will be co-starring with Chris Evans in 2014's Captain America...



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