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The Decade Decathlon: 2012

Welcome back to the Decade Decathlon, where we're taking an extended look back at the past decade of filmmaking to see what worked, what didn't, and what stories we can learn from the past. 2012 is unique when looking at the trajectory of t...

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We're getting more Dredd films...sort of

Since Dredd released back in 2012, fans of the character (as well as we here at Flixist) have been chomping at the bit for a sequel. It's one of the rare situations where we enjoyed a film so much, we want more of it rather than just gettin...


Karl Urban says Dredd 2 conversations happening

OK, OK. Let's all just settle down. Just because Karl Urban says that talks about a sequel to the insanely awesome Dredd are actually occurring does not mean anything will come of it. In fact, the chances are nothing will so we shouldn...


Dredd gunfight reenacted with puppets

Dredd was awesome and I'll take this moment once again to publicly shame everyone who didn't go out and watch it in theaters. If you have seen it then you know it has some awesome gunfights. What you didn't know is that gunfights can ...

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FlixList: The Ten Best Modern Box Office Turkeys

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! To celebrate the carving of the bird, we here at Flixist decided to look into the recent past at box office failures (also called "turkeys") and list off some of our favorites. It's never fun to hear that a fil...


Netflix Now: Billy Ray Cyrus Edition

With Billy Ray Cyrus in the news so much, it made sense to name this week's Netflix Now after him. I find the fallout over this whole Billy Ray Cyrus thing more interesting than the Billy Ray Cyrus performance itself. The excessive commenta...

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There's a petition to get a Dredd sequel now

Last time I reported on Dredd sequel news, I asked the Internet to get to work and bother people in order to get a sequel made. It looks like they've finally made their first move. There's a petition going around in order to get a sequel to...

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Karl Urban says Dredd sequel still possible

Dredd was a fantastic movie that was horribly ignored because reasons. Then suddenly, everyone realized how badass it was. And like The Raid: Redemption (which is already getting a sequel), Dredd gained a following through home video. Now w...


Dredd may get a short film

For those of you don’t know for whatever reason, Dredd did not do well in the box office. It made just over $36.5 million in total from both the international and North American market on a budget of $45 million. While it isn’t ...

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Flixist Awards 2012: Most Underrated

This is the kind of list that is very hard to narrow down every year. You have to account for everyone's tastes, try to figure out exactly what qualifies a film as 'underrated', and then chop the nominees down to just five. There are always...

The Pterodactyl photo

Flixist Awards 2012: The Pterodactyl

Of our year-end awards, I think that the Pterodactyl is probably my favorite. Looking back on a year's most badass characters is a good way to remind yourself of just good (or bad) a year was. Last year, Ryan Gosling's Driver took it handil...

Best Action Award photo

Flixist Awards 2012: Best Action

2012 had all kinds of punching, kicking, shooting, killing, murdering, and bleeding, all in stylish flair. In the past year alone, we had the most successful super hero film with Marvel's The Avengers, Skyfall commemorated the 50t...


Dredd is number one in Blu-ray, DVD, and digital sales

Although Dredd may not have been my favorite film of last year, it was one of the best. Unfortunately it came and went from theaters sad and alone because of stupid reasons (it was a reboot of a sort of unknown property, it was a reboot of ...

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Matt's Nine Manliest Movies of 2012

Look there are good movies every year, and there are bad movies every year. That's just a fact of life so why try to list good and bad when there are far more important things to point out in a year. Important things like manliness and bein...


Review: Dredd

Many of the greatest pre-millennial action movies had a roughness to them which has been steadily smoothed out of the genre over the past ten years by inflated budgets and risk-averse studios. Len Wiseman's Total Recall remake sanitised ...


Mondo artists create Dredd 3D poster, Tarantino box set

In case you missed it, Dredd 3D is actually supposed to be pretty good, and now it has the Mondo poster to prove it. As a part of the film's final premier at Austin's Fantastic Fest, Mondo has teamed up with artist Jock to create a stark, b...


Trailer: Dredd

Still not using the 3D subtitle, dammit. I don't think it's fair to expect GREAT things from Dredd, but damn it, it looks fun, and it's going to be a more satisfying movie than the Sylvester Stallone one (which is totally one of my guiltie...


New Dredd motion poster is cool, but lacks Olivia Thirlby

This Dredd reboot/remake looks like it'll be a fun, action-packed film for the fall, but there's been a noticeable lack of Olivia Thirlby in most of the marketing stuff I've seen. Long-time Flixist fans, my friends, and anybody with ears/ey...


Trailer: Dredd

I haven't read a single Judge Dredd comic or issue of 2000 A.D. featuring the man. It's one of my gaping holes when it comes to comic book knowledge. My only experience with Mega City One's premiere judge comes from the Sylvester Stal...


Olivia Thirlby and Karl Urban are badass in Dredd stills

New stills from the upcoming Judge Dredd remake, Dredd, have been released. While they don't shed any light on the direction of the film, they still look pretty badass. My personal favorite, as if it's some sort of surprise, is of Judg...


First Dredd images confirm Olivia Thirlby's beauty

A week ago, we unveiled the first image of Karl Urban as the titular character. Today, we get to see some of Urban's fellow actors. Included in the scans (which come from the print edition of Empire) are Lena Headey (300) and an actress nam...


Official picture of Judge Dredd all helmet and shadows

The first official picture of Karl Urban as Judge Dredd was released, and it seems that it was taken in the darkest of basements as a hanging light bulb was hitting it's downswing. All you can really see his a scowling mouth and an abnormal...


New Dredd set images; Stallone nowhere to be seen

Not so long ago, DNA Films released its first production still for the upcoming Judge Dredd adaptation, which will only be known as Dredd (2012). Karl Urban has replaced Stallone, who starred in the 1995 adaptation, as the judic...



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