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Mike's Top 5 Action Sequences of 2013

Maybe I’m just young, but a good movie fight is the quickest way to my heart. A well-choreographed or inventive action scene appeals to a certain part of my brain in ways I don’t quite understand yet. For an action junkie, 2013 ...

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New Releases, week of 9/28/13: Iron Mensch Edition

The biggest home video release this week is most definitely Iron Man 3. I didn't like the film as much as most folks did, but it has its charms I guess. Whatever. If Iron Man 3 isn't your bag, then luckily there's a good amount of other stu...


Box Office Numbers: Arrested Development

What a holiday weekend, huh? As if Fast & Furious 6 wasn't a big enough draw to theaters this weekend, the (hopefully) final installment in The Hangover trilogy also debuted. Of course, one of these films did ridiculously well...


Theater manager hires cosplay gunmen for Iron Man 3

In Jefferson City, Missouri, Capital 8 Theaters manager Bob Wilkins had one of the dumbest ideas ever for a publicity stunt. Wilkins hired cosplayers dressed as Iron Man and armed (!) S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to storm a screening of Iron Man 3....


Chinese actors cut from Iron Man 3 to be in short film

Small potential spoilers depending on how picky you are. So have a small warning of caution people. For those who didn’t like that Wang Xueqi (Dr. Wu) had a small performance in Iron Man 3, don’t worry! He and other local actors...


Box Office Numbers: Iron Man Excercises

Somehow, the third installment of a series of exercises known as "Iron Man" topped this weekend's box office. I didn't even know exercise videos were screened in theaters, let alone suitable places for people to even exercise in. But hey, i...

Comic Movies 101: IM3 photo

Comic Movies 101: Iron Man 3

With comic book movies, it’s not always easy keeping up with all the influences and references that the film-makers draw upon from the wealth of source material. Comic Movies 101 serves as a primer for newcomers to the movies and a re...

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Marvel really needs to stop spoiling their movies

Unfortunately, we live in an era where it's extremely hard to find things surprising anymore. Don't want to know how the recent Evil Dead ended? Better avoid Twitter and Facebook. Is Marvel planning to continue The Avengers story line?...


Mondo reveals new posters for Iron Man 3

Mondo, movie merchandise team of lore, has announced they will have three Iron Man 3 posters going on sale at the end of this week. Two from artist Martin Ansin and one from the Phantom City Creative studio. Both artists had different appro...

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You cannot afford this life sized Iron Man 3 figure

Are you swimming in an ocean of extra couch change and are eagerly awaiting Iron Man 3 this Friday because Nathan gave it rave remarks in his review? Maybe Sideshow Collectibles has the right thing for you! If you have an extra $8500 dollar...


AMC and Regal halt Iron Man 3 sales

The two big movie theater chains, AMC and Regal, have halted the advance ticket sales of Iron Man 3 due to a dispute with Disney. The argument is specifically about how the box office revenue will be split. According to /Film, Disney was se...


First clip from Iron Man 3 makes with the posturing

Oh, Tony, you just invite trouble right through the front door, don't you? Well, actually, that's exactly what he does in this first clip from Iron Man 3. Like, he literally invites Mandarin to his home and promises to leave the door unloc...


New Releases, week of 4/6/13: All Cleaned Up Edition

I know something major happened yesterday... Hmm... weird. Don't know what it was. Funny how that works. An oddly sparse week with new releases. The biggest thing by far is a re-release: The Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One. This 10-dis...


China to get its own version of Iron Man 3

China is big effing business to the movie industry right now, so it should come as little surprise that Iron Man 3 will be getting its own, Chinese-friendly version to play in the country. The Chinese version will feature all the Chine...


New IMAX poster for Iron Man 3

With less than a couple of months left until its release, Marvel has released a new poster for Iron Man 3 keen on reminding you that the film will be available for viewing on IMAX screens (and in 3D) everywhere come May 3. I know you w...


Trailer: Iron Man 3

AHHHH, something so cool happens at the end of the trailer I nearly fell out of my seat in nerdy goodness, so make sure you watch this new trailer for Iron Man 3 until the end (and don't spoil it for anyone!). Now that that's out of the wa...


New Iron Man 3 poster delivers plenty of Iron Mans (Men?)

The more Iron Man the better, I always say, but according to this new poster for Iron Man 3 and the previously released trailer I'm very, very wrong about that fact. It turns out the more Iron Mans there are the more Tony Stark gets hi...


Gwyneth Paltrow poster and new images for Iron Man 3

A new character poster for Iron Man 3 has just been released, this one of Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts. She isn't too happy about something, apparently. (Probably about Brave winning at the Oscars last night over ParaNorman.) This is the...


New Iron Man 3 poster for Ben Kingsley as Mandarin

The last Iron Man 3 character poster we highlighted featured Don Cheadle as War Machine/Iron Patriot going full America. This new character poster has Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin going full... Mandarin. Kingsley's attire and pose calls for...


Iron Man editor develops iPad editing app

Dan Lebental, editor of the Iron Man series, apparently misses touching real film while he is editing. So he has been developing an application for the iPad called TouchEdit which will bring us a step back closer to the simpler days of edit...


Iron Man 3 gets collectible 3D glasses because reasons

So at this point, I assume you've made your decision on whether or not you're going to see Iron Man 3. If you are, are you going to see it in 3D? If you are, maybe you'll get one of these pairs of glasses (which I assume won't get taken awa...


Don Cheadle goes full AMERICA in new Iron Man 3 poster

Even if Iron Man 3's Super Bowl spot and recent promotional poster seem to emphasize what kind of a bad time Tony Stark is going to have, I think we're all forgetting that Iron Patriot is going to be in this movie. Sure it's just a gussied ...


Extended Super Bowl TV spot for Iron Man 3

If you were watching the game yesterday expecting to see a one-minute Iron Man 3 commercial, it didn't quite work out that way. After the lights went down at the Superdome, you got a 30-second tease of the Iron Man 3 spot you wanted to see...


New Iron Man 3 poster shows Tony Stark in smoky freefall

Iron Man 3 will have a minute-long ad during the Super Bowl. In the lead up to Sunday, a new poster for the film has dropped. Things aren't too good for Tony Stark, who looks like Felix Baumgartner if he totally botched that freefall from t...


Iron Man 3 gets IMAX 3D release date

So it seems like IMAX 3D is a big thing this year, especially with potentially big blockbuster movies. Another big movie releasing this year, Iron Man 3, will be coming to IMAX 3D. Here’s where it gets a little different. It will firs...


Trailer: Iron Man 3 (Japanese)

Joining the recent surge of Japanese trailers that get more footage than their domestic counterparts is the new Japanese trailer for Iron Man 3. While the first trailer tried to shove it as much juicy teaser footage as it could, the Japane...


New Iron Man 3 images released

Four new images from next year's Iron Man 3 have emerged from the depths of the internet. Besides the standard Iron Man/Tony Stark images we've grown accustomed to are better images of the Iron Patriot suit and The Town's Rebecca ...


Feige says Iron Man 3 is Avenger-less, not so serious

While The Avengers turned out to be the greatest thing since sliced bread for a couple of months, it pretty much ruined the plots of rest of its movie verse. As a fan, all I want is more Hulk (which I won't get anytime soon) and the lack of...


Trailer: Iron Man 3

The trailer for Iron Man 3 is upon us! Following yesterday's explosion of images and information is the trailer for the film that will jumpstart Marvel's "Phase 2" of their film universe. The trailer shows a darker side of Tony Stark'...


New Iron Man 3 photos and poster show off fancy suits

In anticipation of the release of the first trailer for Iron Man 3 on Tuesday, Marvel has just released a couple of very teasing set photos. And by teasing I mean glorious. Just look at that Iron Patriot War Machine photo! It's so...


Save the date! The first Iron Man 3 trailer is coming!

Used to be there was a time when I would be surprised to find that the new [INSERT HIGHLY ANTICIPATED FILM HERE] trailer was online, or better yet, I'd stumble upon it on the big screen before another movie. Well, courtesy of /film, the sur...


Hot new pics of Iron Man 3 armors

Since I'm still riding the wave that is the recently released Avengers Blu-ray, I think now is just as good a time as any to get the hype train rolling for Iron Man 3. While we've already had looks at both the Mark XLVII and the Iron P...


New Iron Man 3 promo art features gussied up War Machine

With all of the recent hubub of Avengers sequels and space puppies, it's easy to forget that Marvel has to put out three flicks before it gets to release UMAS: 2015. We still have to look forward to Iron Man 3, Captain America: Winter Soldi...


Ben Kingsley is the Mandarin in Iron Man 3

Among Marvel’s slew of news released during its Comic-Con panel, an exclusive to the panel trailer finally confirms Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin, the magical bling bling wearing Chinese stereotype supervillain. Although it's been rumo...


Check out Iron Man's new armor for Iron Man 3

The Marvel booth at this year's San Diego Comic-Con gave us a preview of Tony Stark's new duds in the upcoming Iron Man 3. The armor is pretty much the same general shape as the older design, but the yellow accents have spread like a canc...


Who may appear in the post-credits scene for Iron Man 3?

Hot on the heels of our last piece of big Marvel news comes an awesome new rumor on who will appear in Iron Man 3's inevitable post-credits sequence next year. This is sandwiched into a news item confirming that Die Hard 2 villain...


Jessica Chastain out for Iron Man 3, Rebecca Hall in

A little while ago we reported that Jessica Chastain was in talks to star in the next Iron Man film as a female scientist. Speculation ran wild about who should would be playing and how big a role she would have, though it's now been reveal...


Guy Pearce in talks for Extremis character in Iron Man 3

Having recently headlined old-school actioner Lockout and set to cameo as future corporate overlord Peter Weyland in Prometheus, Guy Pearce is reportedly on the verge of signing on for Tony Stark's post-Avengers threequel as scientist Aldri...


Iron Man 3 to be a return to Tony Stark's world

One of the biggest problems I had with Iron Man 2 was the absolutely needless shoehorning of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Nick Fury. All that wound up having virtually no real standing on the film itself and only served to toss in some cursory men...


No Heroics scribe to pen Iron Man 3

Contrary to previous reports, Shane Black is no longer the primary writer for Iron Man 3. Now, Marvel has hired Drew Pearce to write the script, largely on the strength of his Runaways script, which is currently a backburner-ed project for...


Iron Man 3 to be a "Tom Clancy-style thriller"

The good news keeps on rolling with Shane Black’s Iron Man 3. It has been officially announced that Black will be writing the script for the upcoming sequel as well as directing the film. In addition, he has revealed the first few lit...


Shane Black officially directing Iron Man 3

Man, it’s nice when the things you want turn out to happen! Shane Black, engineer of Robert Downey Jr.’s stellar comeback, has been signed to direct Iron Man 3. He takes over for Jon Favreau after, the rumor mill says, he grew...


Shane Black a contender to direct Iron Man 3

Shane Black, director of Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang  a.k.a. The Comeback Val Kilmer Squandered, and soon to be writer of an American Death Note is one of the filmmakers in the running to direct, and most likely to write, Iron Man 3. H...



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