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Review: Love Exposure

Japanese director Sion Sono is a very interesting guy, and his movies reflect that. They are bloody, crazy, and generally leave you in a state of complete confusion. They are, if nothing else, experiences. Whether or not you are able to sto...


Trailer: Love Exposure (plus new poster!)

Yesterday we brought you news of the limited New York release of Sion Sono's Love Exposure. Today, we bring you an english-subbed trailer and a new poster for the film. If you were wondering what I meant when I said Sono's films were insan...


Sion Sono's Love Exposure coming to New York City

If you have even the slightest interest in Japanese cinema (and you should!) and live in New York City or the surrounding area, you are in for a treat. The four hour epic Love Exposure by Sion Sono, director of films such as Suici...



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