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Vin Diesel says Universal wants more Riddick

Although Riddick completely flopped at the box office despite Vin Diesel leveraging his own house to make it a reality, like Dredd (Riddick's brother in R rated but ignored glory), it has found its place on home video. On his Facebook page,...


Box Office Numbers: In$idiou$: ˘hapter $

After a few weeks of relatively ho-hum box office, the big bucks are back thanks to Insidious: Chapter 2, which made more than $41 million. At number two was Luc Besson's The Family with Robert De Niro, which only managed $14.5 million. And...


Box Office Numbers: Bowe Knows Riddick

Yet another weak week at the box office, though in first place comes the Vin Diesel vehicle Riddick. The film only pulled $18.67 million in its opening weekend, so it didn't perform as well as The Chronicles of Riddick, which opened with $2...

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Review: Riddick

I found myself in a weird quandary when I got excited for another Riddick film. I couldn't really remember why I was excited. Yes, he's a total badass in Pitch Black, but The Chronicles of Riddick was kind of sucky. Then I remembered t...


Vin Diesel leveraged his house to make Riddick

We all know Riddick was a bit of a passion project for star Vin Diesel and that it wouldn't have gotten off the ground without a lot of help from him, but I didn't think he put this much into the movie. The movie is as indy as wide rel...


New Riddick trailer finally ups the ante

The past few Riddick trailers have been pretty redundant, and didn't show off Riddick to the level of badassness that the guy really deserves. Evidently that was because they weren't showing any blood. This new restricted trailer, while po...


Trailer: Riddick

This second trailer for the third Riddick film, titled simply Riddick, doesn't show off too much new stuff from the last trailer, but that doesn't mean it doesn't get us excited. Once again it looks like Riddick is returning to his sci-fi/...

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Trailer: Riddick

Following that super super short teaser from a few months back is the newest trailer for Riddick. There's not much plot to be found other than knowing Riddick is going to kill some guys and a lady, but there's plenty of nice budget title a...


Teaser Trailer: Riddick

Vin Diesel's DIY PR for Riddick continues. Not only has be been releasing film stills from Riddick on his own Facebook page, he's now put out a 20-second teaser trailer for the film. While there's little plotwise to go on, it looks li...


New Riddick image features Vin Diesel vs. Dave Bautista

Yet another new Riddick image has come courtesy of Vin Diesel's Facebook page. Like Matt said about the previous new Riddick image, Diesel may be doing all the marketing himself. This particular image breaks the pattern of raining on Riddic...


New Riddick image graces us with more Riddick

I'm starting to wonder if Riddick has a marketing team at all or if Vin Diesel just went, "I'm not paying that. I'll do it myself." He's once again released the our next tease of the upcoming film over his personal Facebook account. This on...


New Riddick image is dark and rainy with a sad Vin Diesel

Although Riddick has been gone for awhile, I know the return of the franchise later this September is going to be great. Something about Diesel's gravely, emotionless delivery works extremely well with the stoic badassness that Riddick embo...


Oh, hey, David Twohy's Riddick has a release date!

'Twas a week before Christmas and all through the 'net...something, something. I got nothin'. But that's okay because like some sort of Christmas angel (Jesus?), I come with bearing a gift that's way better than mir or frankencense. And the...


International Riddick teaser poster found

Marketing for the upcoming new Riddick film, apparently officially called Riddick if this poster has anything to say about it, has been scarce despite a possible early 2013 release. Sure we know the plot and we have confirmation t...


Cast and new synopsis for Riddick revealed

Universal Pictures have announced that principal photography has begun on Riddick, Vin Diesel's second sequel to the excellent Pitch Black (let's not mention the middle entry), and released a complete cast list and new synopsis to celebrate...


Katee Sackhoff doing the blonde badass thing with Riddick

No matter how disappointing Chronicles of Riddick was, I'll always be excited to see more of Flixist Favorite Vin Diesel in the role that made him famous. Battlestar Galactica star Katee Sackhoff has joined the cast as Dahl, "a No...


New Riddick concept art IS a jackal

Confession: I took time to write this post up just so I can make a reference to a irrelevant Family Guy joke from 2001. You know that guy at a party who starts speaking like Borat and eventually bleeds over into an Austin Powers impression?...


Riddick 3 finds pot o' gold under rainbow

Riddick may be able to fight aliens, but he isn't able to fight budget deficits quite as easily. The cast and crew were locked out of the studio late last month when the studio's owner was tired of not getting his paycheck, and it seemed li...


Next Riddick to be rated R, new art

If you're like me and you've pretty much experienced every aspect of the Riddick universe that can be viewed on a television (movies and videogames) then you know that Riddick is a badass, and badasses are always more badass when they can a...


More Riddick 3 concept art, should just open a gallery

So, here's another piece of Riddick concept art uploaded recently to Vin Diesel's facebook account. I'm thinking that with the release of all these pieces of concept art over the course of time, they should just open up an art gallery. It'd...


Concept art teases the long-promised third Riddick movie

I could watch Pitch Black every day and still not get tired of it. Chronicles of Riddick, on the other hand, is a shadow of the coolness Pitch Black set up, though the film does have the occasional interesting moments. Unfortunate...



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