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Netflix Now: I Love You, Lady Gaga Edition

This week saw the release of Lady Gaga's newest album, Artpop. To celebrate, Miss Ga Ga Gábor showed up to the album's release party in a flying contraption dress referred to as "Volantis." The flying machine lifted her 70 inche...

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Ten films that should be in the Criterion Collection

The Criterion Collection is amazing, but it could always be more amazing. The ever-expanding list of films (so much of which is worth buying) has some pretty big gaps. So that's why I'm here: to help coax the company into choosing some film...


Washington DC: Summer outdoor movie schedule

We've been highlighting a lot of movie events for the summer in various cities across the nation, so it just makes sense that we should also cover our nation's capital. There are a bunch of free movies screening in Washington DC, Maryland, ...


Chicago: Movies in the Parks 2013 lineup

Summer is practically upon us and there are so many free film events going on across the country. Out in Chicago, the Movies in the Parks series will launch in June and run through September in various parks throughout the city. The outdoor...


SF Bay Area: Film Night in the Park 2013 lineup

Summer means outdoor movies in many cities across the country. The Film Night in the Park series starts in June and runs through September, with screenings taking place in San Francisco and Marin County (San Rafael, Fairfax, Mill Valley, Sa...

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Flixist Awards 2012: Best Film

We've gone through a lot of awards over the past week honoring some of the best films in pretty much every way we can, but now we come to it. No more genres or categories, simply put, what follows is the best movie of the year.  What's...

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Flixist Awards 2012: Best Action

2012 had all kinds of punching, kicking, shooting, killing, murdering, and bleeding, all in stylish flair. In the past year alone, we had the most successful super hero film with Marvel's The Avengers, Skyfall commemorated the 50t...

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Flixist Awards 2012: Best Original Soundtrack

Soundtracks are the nervous system of a film. You don't see them, but if it stopped working for a few seconds, the film dies. A soundtrack or orchestration is just as important as the actors and actresses on screen. And some of the best sou...


A proper 50 Years of Bond tribute

For those who didn't see the Oscars, they had a segment which was a 50 year tribute to the James Bond franchise. Let's just say that it was not exactly the greatest tribute they could have done, and it was quite the missed opportunity that...

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Flixist Awards 2012: Best Supporting Actress

Perhaps the most interesting thing about 2012's award season was how much stock was put into some of the supporting performances. Usually, supporting actors and actresses play second fiddle to the leading characters, and when awards time co...

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Flixist reacts to the 85th Academy Awards

Last Friday, we brought you the best damn Oscar predictions around. Now that the awards show has happened and the results have been announced, we know that Looking back on those predictions, we can see that, once again, the Academy got...

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The best damn Oscar predictions around: 2013 edition

Last year we made the bold statement that our Oscar predictions were the best ever. Were we 100 percent right? No. But that doesn't mean we're going to back down from outlandish claims about our incredible ability to predict who is going to...


New Releases, week of 2/16/13: Bond... James Bond Edition

Today is the day that Skyfall hits DVD and Blu-ray. Not only is the movie badass, it was declared Best British Film at the BAFTA Film Awards last weekend. Skyfall's release today is accompanied by a number of James Bond Blu-ray re-releases,...


Adele to perform Skyfall for the first time at Oscars

Adele hasn't sung her Golden Globe winning, Oscar nominated song "Skyfall" live before. As with most Bond songs it came out and was a hit, but doesn't always jump into the artists actual repertoire of songs. She also hasn't been doing much ...

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Matt's Nine Manliest Movies of 2012

Look there are good movies every year, and there are bad movies every year. That's just a fact of life so why try to list good and bad when there are far more important things to point out in a year. Important things like manliness and bein...

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Review: Skyfall

[This review was originally posted last month for the UK release of Skyfall and as a finale to our Across the Bond series. It has been reposted to coincide with the US release of the film.] This review will be spoiler-free, making it one ...


Trailer: Skyfall

As Bond Month at Flixist is making its way toward Skyfall, we've got a new trailer to share. It's pretty similar to the first trailer and the international spot, but there are snippets of new footage that are an exciting taste of what's to...


Adele's Skyfall theme lets the sky fall, stands tall

While I'm not a huge enough James Bond fan to dissect the movies, like say Matt and Xander's awesome Across the Bond series, or see them at all (more on that later this month), I know enough about the Bond themes to know that a lot of the ...


Skyfall's Bond girls get a video blog

Matt and I are ridiculously devoted Bond nerds, so expect extensive coverage of the fifty-year old series in the build-up to Flixist's Skyfall review next month. You'll hear more about that very soon, but in the meantime, the movie's publi...


Trailer: Skyfall

We have a new international spot for Skyfall here and it's pretty much what we saw in the full international trailer, but more compact. Despite that it's hard not to get excited, especially when they keep ending ever trailer with that...


New Skyfall poster

Look at that beautiful bastard's face! He'd just as soon kill you than look at you. This is the new U.K. poster for Skyfall, and it may be a little cliche for a Bond promotion, but it still sums the character up rather nicely. He's cool, su...


Roger Deakins talks Skyfall and film vs digital

Roger Deakins is one of the most respected cinematographers working today, so when he weighs into the film vs digital debate, it's an opinion worth hearing. Turns out he comes down confidently on the side of digital, which won't please man...


These five new Skyfall posters leave a bit to be desired

007.com revealed five new UK Skyfall posters today and successfully released the first bit of advertisement for the film that made me, a die hard Bond fan, not so happy. These posters could be more boring, but it would be pretty darn hard, ...


Trailer: Skyfall

What? Back to back Skyfall trailers? Well, in all honesty the TV trailer from yesterday was more like a teaser to today's main dish: a big serving of Bond action and Javier Bardem villainy. The trailer also reveals a bit more about the plo...


Trailer: Skyfall

Not content with shoving the reigning British monarch out of a helicopter in the surprisingly brilliant London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony, Bond is gearing up for his 50th anniversary movie in just a few months (*squeals like a Japane...


First look at Skyfall's very young new Q, Ben Wishaw

Here we have a first look at Ben Wishaw as James Bond's new Q in the hotly-anticipated new Bond flick Skyfall. I suppose I'm conditioned to think this after a lifetime of seeing Q as a white-haired old man, but this Q does seem startlingly ...


First official Skyfall poster revealed

It's only four days (FOUR DAYS!!!!) until the first trailer for Skyfall, James Bond's fiftieth anniversary adventure, is released. For me, it's a dark horse to be 2012's best blockbuster, even with The Avengers, The Hobbit, Prometheus and Q...


Bond 24 already underway, Skyfall trailer before MIB3

Well, I've got a much better reason to check out Men in Black 3 now. Collider is saying that the trailer -- recently showed off at CinemaCon -- will be attached to the film. A full description of the trailer, courtesy of EW, is be...


New Skyfall images bring Bond, babes and a bulldog

The Skyfall marketing has campaign has started gathering steam with the release of an on-set video where Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem describe their characters (watch it beneath the jump), plus a batch of new images showing Daniel Craig i...


SPOILER: Why Skyfall is called Skyfall

Only two days ago, the Skyfall shoot in London gave us a first glimpse at Javier Bardem in action as Bond's latest foe. That was exciting enough. As a lifelong Bond nerd, though, the latest round of set photos reveals a spoiler which has se...


Skyfall lands in the IMAX for the biggest Bond yet

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol in the IMAX was the action movie event of last year, unsurprisingly earning our Dactyl for Best Action Film. It seems as though James Bond has been taking notes from Mr. Hunt's vertigo-inducing escapades...


Daniel Craig's Bond on the run in new Skyfall set images

A few days ago the first official image from the twenty-third James Bond movie, Skyfall, was released. Following closely behind are these unofficial images of Daniel Craig in action mode as Ian Fleming's dapper spy. Well, I say dapper, but ...


[UPDATED] Ralph Fiennes hints at his Skyfall character

UPDATE: Follow the jump for a potentially spoilerific rumour expanding on Fiennes' comment. Amidst the staggeringly awesome cast lined up for Skyfall, the twenty-third entry in the James Bond franchise, the character being played by Ralph F...


First images of Daniel Craig in Skyfall (aka Bond 23)

Bond 23 was announced as being called Skyfall last week and now we have the first leaked images from the film's London shoot. There's nothing wildly exciting, unless your idea of a good time is gazing at Daniel Craig in the back seat of ...


Bond 23 named Skyfall, is full of win

On the 50th anniversary of Sean Connery being announced to play James Bond in Dr No, the title and cast of the British superspy's twenty-third adventure have been revealed: Skyfall, starring Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Javier Bardem as the vi...


James Bond's twenty-third go-round to be called Skyfall?

James Bond is kind of like Doctor Who, but with more spy stuff and less "EXTERMINATE." Every now and then he changes form while retaining his identity. He's been around since before my parents were born (they're young). He (Bond, not the Do...



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