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Newest Fantastic Four trailer finally shows off the goods

The first Fant4stic trailer was more hit or miss than anything. I dug the science fiction overlay, but it was missing all of the FF's inherent goofballery. This newest trailer doesn't have any fun either, but it's not trying to pretend it'...


Jamie Bell as Fantastic Four's Thing revealed

After the tease was released for Josh Trank's Fantastic Four reboot there really was only one thing left for us to wonder about: how The Thing was going to look. Wonder no more. Empire has released the first look at Jamie Bell's thing, whic...

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New Fantastic Four images are...pretty ordinary

I don't have a lot to say about the new Fantastic Four pictures from Empire. They exist, they're boring, whatever. I'd like to take this time, instead, to make a formal apology to Josh Trank and the rest of the cast and crew involved. Befor...

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First official teaser for Fantastic Four

After a few years of back and forth between good and bad sounding news, we finally have our first concrete look at Josh Trank's Fantastic Four reboot. Aaaand it's not that bad. Sure it's a bit dark (literally, that shading is sort of awful...

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Fantastic Four reboot gets official synopsis

At this point, we know next to nothing of Josh Trank's upcoming Fantastic Four reboot other than how different it's going to be from the original films (and maybe even from the comic books themselves). But it's got a great cast, weird direc...


First possible look at Doctor Doom in new Fantastic Four

We'll of course preface this with the fact that these are leaked images and thus may not be real at all, though someone would have to go to some lengths to pull this off. These are supposedly images from the set of the new Fantastic Four fi...


Toby Kebbell to play Dr. Doom

Fantastic Four is a movie already full of people who have a solid chance of being Hollywood A-listers in a few years. The casting has been young and aggressive for the superhero reboot and the news that Toby Kebbell will be playing Dr....

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Fox has chosen their Fantastic Four reboot stars

Update: All the actors have confirmed their casting via Twitter. Fox seems to have finally, finally nailed down actors for their upcoming reboot of Fantastic Four. We've heard rumors and speculation for forever now, but rewrites and problem...


Fantastic Four and Assassins Creed do some date jumping

Two release date notes to hit you up with here on movies you may be interested in because the involve comic books and videogames, and those sit at the top of the good things to be interested in list. First the Fantastic Four reboot has...


Rumor: Michael B. Jordan cast as human torch

Word is coming down that Michael B. Jordan, who might be next years Benedict Cumberbatch in terms of hot actors, has just signed the deal to play the Human Torch/Johnny Storm in the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, reuniting him with Ch...

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Fox's X-Men and Fantastic Four will share a universe

Now that production has wrapped up on Fox's next big comic book movie X-Men: Days of Future Past, we can finally start hearing little tidbits about the Fantastic Four reboot coming in 2015. And while this next bit of information isn't a hug...


Rumor: Michael B. Jordan in Fantastic Four reboot?

It looks like casting is heating up for 2015's Fantastic Four reboot directed by Josh Trank. After rumblings and mumblings earlier this week about Allison Williams possibly being in talks (reportedly as Sue Storm or better known as "The Inv...


Matthew Vaughn will produce Fantastic Four reboot

Last year we reported that Chronicle director Josh Trank was attached to Fox's reboot of The Fantastic Four. Now he's got a little help from another person familiar with Fox and Marvel properties: Matthew Vaughn. Comics writer and Fox's Mar...


Fantastic Four reboot is also set to release in 2015

2015 is going to be quite a packed year. On top of Avatar 2 (lol), Avengers 2 (or better known as UMAS: 2015), and Justice League (also lol), Fox has set a release date for the Josh Trank (Chronicle) directed Fantastic Four reboot (via Exhi...


Fantastic Four director confirmed, Daredevil down one

Good and bad (though maybe actually good) news for comic book fans today. The Fantastic Four reboot is back on track with a confirmation of director Josh Trank, who has already proved his superhero chops with the stellar Chronicle. This sho...


Chronicle director Josh Trank rebooting Fantastic Four

It's been in the works for awhile now, but Chronicle director Josh Trank has been slated to reboot The Fantastic Four. While there is the possibility that Trank may direct, that's still up in the air. Rebooting, however, is definitely ...


Chronicle director knows nothing of the Fantastic Four

Recently, with all the hype being built around Chronicle, releasing this Friday, director/writer Josh Trank's name has floated around a number of different project, chief among them a reboot of Fantastic Four with Fox. The idea was that, if...


Potential Fantastic Four reboot with Chronicle director

What's up with major Marvel-related blockbuster superhero films grabbing indie directors? First, The Amazing Spider-Man grabbed (500) Days of Summer's Marc Webb, and if rumors prove to be true, it appears that Fox is setting their sights on...



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