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Netflix Now: Sorry I Was In A Coma Edition

Earlier this week, a man in the UK was outed for faking several disabilities and coma episodes for two years in order to avoid going to court. I'd like to take this time to say that guy is me and I apologize for my actions. I hope that at l...

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New Releases, week of 3/8/14: The Hunger Edition

It's another good week of home video releases as the Best Picture winner, 12 Years A Slave finally hits. Along with that we have the best part of The Hunger Games saga, Catching Fire, Wong Kar-Wai's The Grandmaster, and if all of those good...

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Sean's Hottest Babes of 2013

I love women. We all know this about me. I've been, for better or for worse, the resident 'Babe Expert' since the time before Flixist took its first steps onto dry land. I love women of all shapes, sizes, colors, creeds, heights, and athlet...

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Isabelle's Top 5 Movie Romances of 2013

Romantic comedies are all well and good, but who doesn't love a movie that tears their heart out through their chest? Heartache is an integral part of romance, and 2013 provided movie-goers with a plethora of strange, sad, and bea...

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Box Office Numbers: She's Just a Girl But She's On Fire

Last week I predicted The Hunger Games: Catching Fire would do well because duh, but I had no idea it would practically blow up all theaters everywhere. Raking in over 160 million dollars it practically destroyed all competition. Even Thor:...

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Review: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

I'm a pretty big fan of The Hunger Games series of books. I tore through them in a day and while Catching Fire isn't my favorite in the series, it does have the most intriguing setups in the trilogy. The production for Catching Fire has not...

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Flix for Short: Sesame Street's The Hungry Games

With The Hunger Games: Catching Fire setting fire to theaters in a few days, it's time for everyone to get in on the hype. And that includes the Sesame Street gang. In The Hungry Games: Catching Fur, Cookie Monster stars as "Cookieness Eve...

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Woody Harrelson is just a treasure

Did you know that Liam Hemsorth (Gale in The Hunger Games) and Chris Hemsworth (Thor in Thor: The Dark World) were brothers? Then you already know more information than a terribly dazed and confused Woody Harrelson. In an interview with CB...


New Hunger Games: Catching Fire TV spot and clip released

If you didn't quite enjoy the first Hunger Games flick (like me, and unlike everyone else at Flixist, apparently), and was hoping the fast-approaching sequel would be more palatable, boy, do these clips not help. Apple has 40 un-...


See Catching Fire early and free

Oh, what's that? This just went live and all the passes are gone? That's pretty much how fast I'm expecting these things to go so make sure you're quick with it.  We've got admit two passes to what may be the biggest film of the holida...


Hunger Games cat recast after author request

One of the greatest casting mistakes in the history of cinema will be rectified when The Hunger Games: Catching Fire arrives this month. Buttercup, the cat who was incorrectly portrayed by a black and white cat in The Hunger Games, wil...

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Lionsgate considering a Hunger Games theme park

The Hunger Games series is an odd duck. It's incredibly popular while managing to be one of the darker teen stories on the market. At base level it's a series in which children murder each other for the enjoyment of rich onlookers as they s...

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Final Trailer for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire already looks much better than its predecessor. It's got a nice mix of orange and blues, less shaky cam, Phillip Seymour Hoffman plays a bad guy, and Jennifer Lawrence is so hot right now. Now we have the fi...


New Hunger Games poster full of arrow shooting

If it worked once, it should work again, right? The now iconic look of Katniss Everdeen pulling back her bow from the first Hunger Games movie is replicated here in the new poster for the second film, The Hunger Games: Catchi...


New Catching Fire images show off, well, everyone

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire has been hard on the marketing blitz all year so this deluge of new images that just landed isn't really breaking any new ground, but it is the first time we can easily look at every single character so ...


International trailer for Catching Fire doesn't spoil

You have to give it to the marketing department behind the Hunger Game's movies. They know how to put together some trailers that don't spoil the movie. I'm sure it helps that the first two books are front loaded with quality dramatic stuf...

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Trailer Round-up: Komic Khan

Normally the Trailer Round-up takes place over the weekend as a way to gather up all the big movie trailers for the previous week. But because there was a comic convention or something last weekend, I held off in case anything big dropped. ...

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Second Hunger Games: Catching Fire trailer is hungry

When the first teaser for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire premiered during the MTV Movie Awards, I was pleased with what I had seen. A notable bump in narrative quality, camerawork, and just all around coolness. Does the second trailer do ...


New Catching Fire posters are figure flattering

A slew of new posters for  The Hunger Games: Catching Fire have just popped up across the web and they show off the returning champions back once again to compete. Looks like they'll be competing in skin tight outfits. They're all...

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Katniss believes she can fly in new Catching Fire poster

Did you see that disturbingly good looking teaser trailer for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire a month ago and think to yourself, "this could totes use more cloud wings"? Then do I have a treat for you! Here's the newest poster for Catching ...

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Trailer: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

I took a bullet for all of you. Tonight (or last night depending on when you see this) I watched through the MTV Movie Awards (and its multiple Ted nominations for some reason) just so I could grab this teaser for all of you. Should I have...


UPDATE: Even more Catching Fire character portraits

UPDATE 2: We now have Peeta (Josh Hutcherson), Gale (one of the Thor brothers) and Finnick (Sam Claflin) portraits in the gallery! And they all look appropriately attractive. This is probably it. If not, expect another update as this gets c...


New Catching Fire pics have Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Nicely continuing on from their last batch of (slightly boring) Katniss and Finnick photos yesterday, Entertainment Weekly has uploaded a couple of photos of a few other key characters. Notably showing off one of the new guys, Plutarch (the...


UPDATE: More pics of Katniss/Finnick in Catching Fire

UPDATE: EW has updated their site with three new photos of Catching Fire, with each one featuring a significant male of the series. While these are admittedly more interesting than the cover (check out those Robocops!), they're still pretty...


Catching Fire's IMAX shots are cool, says Josh Hutcherson

Now that production for The Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire has caught fire, little details are slowly going to slip out. Namely, how it's going to fix the problems the original had with IMAX...or not. By the sounds of thi...


Catching Fire production catches fire, Beetee cast

Jeffrey Wright will be playing Beetee, the last important character in the Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire. Beetee is one of the returning tributes in the 75th Hunger Games Quarter Quell that uses a special sort of technology during the ...


Sam Claflin is cast as Finnick Odair in Catching Fire

To go along with the recent glut of attractive actors added to the Hunger Games franchise, Sam Claflin of Snow White and the Huntsman fame is set to play Finnick Odair, District Four's trident chucking, super attractive, spee...


Jena Malone cast as Johanna Mason in Catching Fire

Ok, here's a promise from me. Last year, a lot of news outlets were pretty slavishly reporting on EVERY SINGLE PIECE of Hunger Games casting news, and the vast majority of it was pretty pointless. It doesn't matter who's playing the ma...


Amanda Plummer in for Catching Fire, new dir. for sequels

We've got some good news and some bad news concerning Hunger Games today. We'll start with the good because the bad news is a bit more interesting. The good news is that the Amanada Plummer has been cast as Wiress (or Nuts), an eccentric co...


Philip Seymour Hoffman enters The Hunger Games

We're finally getting official announcements on casting for the upcoming Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire after the whole director drama settled. Philip Seymour Hoffman has signed on to play Plutarch Heavensbee, the Head Gamemaker of The H...



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