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Mike's Top 5 Action Sequences of 2013

Maybe I’m just young, but a good movie fight is the quickest way to my heart. A well-choreographed or inventive action scene appeals to a certain part of my brain in ways I don’t quite understand yet. For an action junkie, 2013 ...

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Box Office Numbers: Nailin' the Best Man

I was worried for Thor a bit there this weekend. Coming in strong for some reason on Friday, The Best Man Holiday nearly made enough money to out hammer Thor's big hammer. But then Thor's hammer won over in the end when it basically nailed ...

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Box Office Numbers: Hammer Down

Just as I predicted last week, Ender's Game didn't matter since Thor: The Dark World got audiences hammered last weekend. What I didn't see coming, however, was how much Ender's Game was going to get tossed by the wayside. Dropping to fifth...

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Thor: The Dark World poster in Shanghai gets it right

One of the smaller things I noted in my review of Thor: The Dark World is the terribly wooden Natalie Portman. I guess that might stem from Portman and Hemsworth's lack of chemistry? Either way, it just makes sense that a photoshopped Dark ...

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Review: Thor: The Dark World

I'm one of the few folks I know who liked the original Thor. It's not the greatest Marvel film out of the dozen or so available, but I dug its Shakespearean vibe (two brothers fighting for a throne, secret bloodlines, star-crossed lovers, e...

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Agents of SHIELD gets Thor: The Dark World crossover

If you haven't watched Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show on ABC, you're not missing out on much. It's full of bland characters in bland action scenes speaking blandly as they bland their way through bland dialogue. And then if you som...


See Thor: The Dark World early and free

Update: Passes are now gone. Have fun if you snagged one! The holidays, they approach and that means blockbusters! Thor: The Dark World ushers in the superhero part of the holiday film releases with a return to the franchise that ...


Joss Whedon called in to fix some of Thor: The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World's director is gladly admitting to SFX Magazine that Joss Whedon came down from on high to help him iron out some kinks that weren't working too well with the film. Basically he says that Whedon is like a scene fixing ni...

Thor: The Dark World photo

Thor: The Dark World gets a Loki poster and dumb petition

Although Thor: The Dark World is currently undergoing re-shoots to add more Loki, it's not enough for some folks out there. There's currently a petition on Change.org for a solo Loki film because some folks can't handle that Thor: The Dark ...

Thor: The Dark World photo

Thor: The Dark World gets two new-ish posters

The first Thor wasn't the greatest pre-Avengers Marvel flick, but damn did it look good. Thor's costume could've been better, but the overall look of his world was nailed from the start. And in this newest poster for Thor: The Dark World, i...

Thor: The Dark World photo

Thor: The Dark World reshooting to add more Loki

Tom Hiddleston's Loki is popular for any number of reasons. He's attractive, he's a fine actor, and some people just like his lines in The Avengers. Since Thor: The Dark World will feature the last of Loki we'll see for awhile, it seems fit...

Thor: The Dark World photo

Second Thor: The Dark World trailer shocks and awes

Thor wasn't the greatest Marvel movie ever, but it wasn't the worst either. It made some good choices (Tom Hiddleston), it made some odd choices (Natalie Portman), but it was overall entertaining. With the second and more elaborate trailer...

Thor: The Dark World photo

Poster for Thor: The Dark World is a Thor poster alright

Ahead of its new trailer premiere on August 7th, here is the newest poster for Thor: The Dark World. It's a poster you've seen many times before (especially from Marvel) with its leads in the middle, big floating head bad guy, and ca-raaaaz...


Check out new images from Thor: The Dark World

New images from Thor: The Dark World has been released. These new images show off more of Malekith, the new villain, wearing his mask and his Dark Elf army. Amongst the other images are quick peeks at director Alan Taylor talking to Chris H...

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Trailer: Thor - The Dark World

Marvel's second flagship film of this year (right behind Iron Man 3) has just released it's first trailer today, and...I dunno. It's got stuff? And magic? Floating trucks? Yeah, I guess I don't really feel sufficiently thrilled, which...


New images and a bit more plot for Thor: The Dark World

We're patiently waiting for the Thor: The Dark World trailer, but why not have some non-moving images to tide us over until then. Here we get another look at Thor holding his hammer, which is pretty much one of the most redundant photos eve...


Thor: The Dark World gets an official synopsis

So far we haven't gotten much detail about the sequel to the meh/adequate/Shakespearean Thor. All we know is that Kat Dennings is getting an extended role, Zachary Levi is one of the Warriors Three, and Christopher Eccleston is pl...


Rumor: Viggo Mortensen may be Doctor Strange in Thor 2

It's time to stack a new rumor on top of the previous rumor about Doctor Strange. There's some word today that Viggo Mortensen might be playing the good doctor in the sequel to Thor. The rumors come via the Twitter account of Roger Wardell ...


Rumor: Dr. Strange to join Thor 2?

Take this with a grain of salt, kiddies, but Screenrant reports that another Marvel staple may be getting his introduction in next year's Thor: The Dark World, and that character is Dr. Stephen Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme himself! Here's ...


Kat Dennings' role expanded in Thor: The Dark World

Thor was the black sheep of the Marvel universe films. It had more cosmic elements and didn't feel as tight (or interesting) as the rest of the films. However, with a cast that includes Chris Hemsworth, Idris Elba, Natalie Portman, Kat Denn...


Christopher Eccleston is Malekith the Accursed in Thor 2

Christopher Eccleston, who you may recognize as the ninth Doctor from Doctor Who, has won the role of the villain in Thor: The Dark World, sequel to last summer's demigod extravaganza Thor. He'll be playing Malekith the Accursed, ruler of t...


Thor 2 lines up Zachary Levi as one of the Warriors Three

Zachary Levi is being eyed for Thor 2, which would be his first major project since the wonderful Chuck ended in January. Bartowski... sorry, Levi, will play Fandral of the Warriors Three, a role previously filled by Josh Dallas before his ...



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