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Netflix Now: The $4,000,000 V-Log

One of the most popular Youtubers on Youtube is Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg with 27 million subscribers. According to the Wall Street Journal, the ad revenue from his vids nets him a cool $4 million a year (before all the costs/t...


World War Z The Second gets a director

Award-winning Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona has been confirmed as the director for the upcoming World War Z sequel, says Hollywood Reporter. No date has been announced for the still-untitled follow up, and the search for writers is o...

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Marc Forster won't return to direct World War Zequel

World War Z wasn't the greatest movie ever. Oh, am I supposed to elaborate? Oh well, uh, World War Z wasn't the flop it was expected to be and I guess that earns some praise. The film went on to earn the money necessary (grossing at least $...


New Releases, week of 9/21/13: World War Hee Hee Edition

The big new release of the week is the in-name-only adaptation of World War Z. Once maligned and expected to tank, the movie wound up being profitable and there's talk of a sequel. Other big new things this week include Sofia Coppola's The ...


Star Trek: Into Darkness and World War Z double feature!

Did you think the days of the grindhouse double feature were long gone from our incorporated movie going experiences? Well, you're right unless you're lucky enough to live by an awesome independent theater. However, thanks to digital projec...

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Book: World War Z: The Art of the Film

Before sitting down to look at World War Z: The Art of the Film, I intended to finally see World War Z this week following its IMAX release. Unfortunately I ran short on time. It's unfortunate since it would have added more to this full-col...


Box Office Numbers: Wild Wild West 2: Owned Ranger

Oh man do I feel sorry for The Lone Ranger. The film was savaged by critics, its depiction of Tonto has been carefully scrutinized by our own Liz Rugg, and its box office fell far short of expectations. The weekly attrition on The Lone Rang...


Box Office Numbers: Wossamotta U

Monsters University has taken the top slot for its second week, fending off newcomers The Heat (which came in second) and White House Down (which came in a disappointing fourth). World War Z held steady at third place, and Man of Steel dipp...


This is how World War Z should have ended

As we noted in our review, the ending of World War Z was heavily changed after the original ending failed with test groups miserably, costing the production millions of dollars. We'd all heard it was pretty dour and that's why it didn'...

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Review: World War Z

World War Z had a troubled production. After the rights for the books were procured by Brad Pitts production company almost everything went wrong. The film had multiple scripts that were written and rewritten. Once shooting started it ...

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Extended World War Z clip is pretty much World War Z

World War Z has had nothing but rough times from its first rough looking trailer. First it got a forced new ending, then it was delayed and had to go through seven weeks of reshoots, then there was news that the zombie ...


Regal Cinemas selling mega tickets for World War Z

Here's an interesting little prospect: getting more out of your already expensive movie ticket by paying more for it. Regal Cinemas is offering up Mega Tickets to World War Z. When you give them $50 bucks they give you a ticket to an advanc...


See World War Z early and free

World War Z is coming. It's been all over the place and looks disappointing as a whole. It doesn't look very faithful to its source material and its been rewritten a plethora of times. However, one of the best things about not having s...

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How faithful is World War Z?

When I first heard that Max Brooks’ novel World War Z was being adapted into a film I was pretty excited. The thoughts that ran through my mind were along the lines of, “Now we can get a more serious zombie film that focuses ...


New World War Z poster isn't even trying anymore

World War Z with Brad Pitt is pretty much DOA. We know, for instance, that the bloated, unfaithful, neutered (it's a bloodless PG-13) adaptation of the Max Brooks book will need to make $400 million just to break even, and that large chunks...


World War Z needs $400 million to break even

Summer movie train wreck World War Z is looking to cause a world of hurt for Paramount when it releases if a recent Vanity Fair article is correct. Doing some quick math the article concludes that the film will have to be a mega hit an...


World War Z being changed to appease Chinese censors

Our report yesterday about the PG-13 World War Z barely having blood in it was not a joke. And neither is this: The Wrap reports that Paramount will be changing some story elements in World War Z in order to get past the Chinese film board ...


There may be little to no blood in World War Z

Greetings yet again, friends and-and-and countrymen. First, let me be a little bird real quick -- tweet, uh, tweet. I hear Flixist is now trying to open a small store in Newbridge, New South Wales, Australia and in Newbridge, Antarctica. Fa...


Trailer: World War Z

Man... I don't know, guys. While it's better than the first World War Z trailer, somehow they've turned Max Brooks's collection of accounts/dispatches in the book World War Z into a personality-less summer blockbuster starring Brad Pitt an...


Super Bowl TV spot for World War Z

A few of those Super Bowl XLVII movie ads we mentioned the other day are popping up ahead of the big game. Case in point, this 30-second TV spot for the troubled adaptation of World War Z starring Brad Pitt, Matthew Fox, and Mireille Enos....


Trailer: World War Z

World War Z (or World Warz, to be X-treme) is an adaptation of Max Brooks's World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, but I don't remember the book being this dull. Maybe it's because zombies are so played out (and done better recent...


World War Z has a new ending from Drew Goddard

Things have been all over the place for Marc Forster-directed zombie pic World War Z, and now word has come that the new ending being crafted for the film is actually being done by Drew Goddard, director of Cabin in the Woods and writer of ...


Lost's Damon Lindelof brought on for World War Z rewrites

World War Z has just not been able to catch a break. Between untold budget problems, concessions for the MPAA, and now extensive reshoots, the Max Brooks adaptation seems to have been dealt literally every terrible hand a film shoot ca...


World War Z doing seven weeks of reshoots

Reshooting is a common part of the blockbuster production process, but it's rare for any movie to require more than a week or two at most. So when it is revealed that the adaptation of Max Brooks' zombie epic, World War Z, is undergoing a f...


World War Z may be the start of a trilogy

The Brad Pitt-helmed World War Z adaptation has seen ups and downs over the past couple years. It's a little astounding that it's actually going to hit its December 21st, 2012 release date, to be honest. However, it may not be the last we s...


World War Z ending the world on December 21, 2012

Bet you've been wondering when you can expect the zombie apocalypse to come along. Not the real one of course (that's coming but no one can be sure when), but World War Z's film adaptation. We've got a date now and it's December 2...


Bryan Cranston recruited for World War Z

World War Z just got a bit more exciting with the news that Bryan Cranston is attached to what is being described as a 'small but flashy' role in the Marc Forster-directed zombie movie. Never mind Brad Pitt - even if it is only a glorified ...


First look at Brad Pitt on the set of World War Z

With all the back and forth over it, I'm shocked to see World War Z is actually being filmed. You can find the very first set photos, including Brad Pitt in costume, in the gallery below the jump. Sadly, they're not the most exciting p...


World War Z still happening, new actors cast

Apparently, the adaptation of Max Brooks' awesome World War Z is still happening. This is good news, since I've figured the project to be a smelly lifeless corpse by now. See what I did there? Two new names have been attached to the pr...


World War Z to rise from its grave...maybe

One of the coolest parts of last year's New York Comicon was getting to me Max Brooks, son of Mel Brooks and author of the fabulous Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z. We asked him what he knew about the film adaptation of World War Z, t...


World War Z is PG-13 and needs more money

World War Z, written by Max Brooks, rode into Hollywood at the height of the zombie craze. Brad Pitt was set to star and produce, and Marc Foster, director of the underrated Craig-Bond film Quantum of Solace, was set to direct. Then nothing...



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