Quentin Tarantino is doing another Western, apparently


On the Tonight Show last night, Quentin Tarantino apparently announced that his next film would be a Western. That’s great! I loved Django Unchained, it’s no Inglorious Basterds, but it’s an instant classic. Top two Tarantino, if you ask me. I’ll see another western from that lovely man on day one.

I don’t have any quotes for you or anything beyond that, because the Tonight Show clip (that I will not be linking to out of principle) entitled ‘Quentin Tarantino Writing New Western Film’ contains no real information about Quentin Tarantino writing a new Western film. Instead, it’s about his first appearance on the Tonight Show. Which is…fine, I suppose. But it’s misleading. In all fairness, would you have clicked on a Tonight Show clip otherwise?

And yes, the slight irony of me using two paragraphs of this post to complain about misleading headlines is not lost on me.

[Source: Reddit]