Rampage set to be adapted into a possibly terrible film


The Rampage franchise was like a godsend for B-movie aficionados/gamers, as they mashed up generic versions of King Kong, Godzilla, and a werewolf to cause mayhem and destruction in a number of cities. Gameplay involved bashing buildings in, eating people, and just causing all sorts of shenanigans-driven chaos. Granted, the games were actually incredibly shallow, but damn if my cousin and I didn’t spend dozens of hours playing Rampage: World Tour on his N64.

Always relevant on what’s hip and new in gaming, New Line is set to adapt the series into a live-action film. Collider reports that the potential film will be produced by A Nightmare on Elm Street producer, John Rickard, and is hoping to make a relatively-moderate budgeted film in the same vein as Ghostbusters and Independence Day.

Um… what? I can understand the level of chaos they’re expecting to match, but choosing decades-old films as direct visual influences? Eh. The film is still searching for writers, but let’s be honest here: All we really need are huge, CGI monsters destroying stuff. No human relationships, no hints of a love triangle between the three, none of this; just people getting eaten and buildings crumbling.

[via Collider]