Rapunzel is getting a live-action remake


If you thought Disney was done with remaking its entire roster of animated films into live-action, think again. Yet another classic is going real-life. This time, Rapunzel will make a comeback according to The Disney Insider.

Tangled was a huge hit for Disney and it even spawned an animated series that even has its own fan base. While this new film may be about Rapunzel, what isn’t clear if it will be a direct remake of Tangled itself. What we do know is that this is heading to theaters and not straight onto Disney+.

Right now, the film doesn’t even have a director but it will be written by Ashleigh Powell. She was behind Nutcracker and the Four Realms. Onboard to produce is Michael De Luca and Kristin Burr. Burr is also working on Cruella, yet another Disney live-action remake.

With so many new remakes and content coming, will Disney fans be overwhelmed? Box office numbers will speak volumes about whether there is such a thing as too many remakes, too little time.

Exclusive: Live-Action ‘Rapunzel’ Movie In The Works At Disney [The Disney Insider]

Tarah Bleier
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