RealD expanding into China with 100 screens


Sooner or later we’re all just going to have to admit it. Companies are eventually going to abandon us westerners and dog pile into China faster than a cheap toy is constructed in a sweat shop. The latest in the film world to attempt to crack into one the largest, hardest to crack nut in the world is RealD who has just announced that they’re partnering with Beijing SAGA Luxury Cinema Management Company. The two companies will be bringing 100 RealD (that’s fancy 3D) theaters to China.

Why are we paying so much attention to the development of the film industry in China? Well, one it’s actually quite important for the world of film and the growth of the film industry as a whole. Secondly, we want to make a good impression on our future Chinese overlords. Once all the companies stop caring about us countries without billions of people in them we’ll need to be able to suck up to China, we’re just trying to get a good head start. 

[via Yahoo]

Matthew Razak
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