Red Band trailer for Walk of Shame, starring Elizabeth Banks


As Flixist’s News Editor, I’ve seen so many trailers they eventually start bleeding into each other. Premises start sounding the same, jokes sound the same, and then things stop being entertaining. And then there’s Walk of Shame. Walk of Shame doesn’t look like anything I’ve seen before. Walk of Shame has a fresh plot (News reporter has a one night stand after failing to get a job, gets the job, and now has to cross the city in the dress she was wearing the night before), stars Elizabeth Banks (currently one of the funniest women in the circuit), and most of its jokes seem fresh. 

While not all of the trailer lands, it’s much better than a lot of things I’ve seen. I can’t wait to see more. Walk of Shame walks into theaters and VOD May 2nd. 

[via Us Magazine]