Red Letter Media hits every plothole in Prometheus


This should go without saying, but: SPOILERS.

Prometheus is a film that raises a lot of questions. Sometimes it means to raise them and other times not so much. It’s definitely philosphical in many ways, and often those kind of questions don’t have answers. But it also seems jam packed full of plotholes and issues. The guys at Red Letter Media, most famous for picking apart Star Wars, jumped on this and put together this hilarious video. 

It’s basically just one guy rambling off almost every single question the film raises for four minutes (word is the unedited video is 30 minutes long and then there’s this review). Obviously some of these are the actual questions the film wants raised, but others are just gaffs or holes in the story that range from funny to insanely aggravating. I think I have to agree that character actions were the biggest flaw in what the film was trying to do. People just acted like idiots in space. What kind of scientist doesn’t want to do science? The bad kind, that’s what kind.

If you’ve got questions about Prometheus and want the Flixist staff and Jim Sterling to discuss them on our Prometheuscast, then just ask away here.

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Matthew Razak
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