Ridley Scott updates us on all the movies


Ridley Scott is a really busy person and while on press for the incredibly disappointing The Counselor he decided to update us all on those other little films he’s got going on: Prometheus 2, Blade Runner 2, The Forever War and Exodus. The guy has a lot on his plate, and we’re basically excited for all of it. 

Since Exodus is the only one of these that’s really in gear we’ll start with that. He says it’s rolling right along and should be his next film to get made and lands a release date of December 2014. That means he won’t be working on Prometheus 2 until unless then, though he says the script is finally finished. Despite that he’s already got another film lined up for 2015 meaning Prometheus 2 may not land until 2016. That’s a long wait for a movie I’m not sure anyone is that hyped for after the oddness that was Prometheus

So what’s the 2015 slot? Not  Blade Runner 2. That’s still coming Scott says, but it’s coming in a very nebulous “sooner or later” time frame — most likely much later. However, the 2015 movie could be an adaption of The Forever War that Scott has been working on for years. We haven’t heard anything about it since before Flixist was even founded, but the concept, a sci-fi about a grand war, is perfect for Scott. 

You can find a lot more insight on his upcoming work in the full Empire article.

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