Robert Zemeckis being tapped to direct live-action Pinocchio


It appears as if Disney is looking to bring acclaimed director Robert Zemeckis on board for its live-action remake of Pinocchio. In a new report from Deadline, it’s being stated that Zemeckis is in early talks to helm the project for the company. So far, producers Andrew Miano and Chris Weitz are attached and will be producing through their “Depth of Field” label. Weitz will also be writing the script, which will likely include some changes to maintain a child-friendly rating.

The news is pretty odd considering the string of box-office flops that Zemeckis has endured. While his work on the Back to the Future franchise will never be forgotten, Zemeckis hasn’t had a hit in years. Both Welcome to Marwen and Allied failed to garner much attention with audiences. While he is typically able to extend smaller budgets, I’m not sure that Pinocchio speaks to any of his talents.

Disney could be hoping that Pinocchio does for Zemeckis what Aladdin did for Guy Ritchie. That film revitalized the director’s career to the tune of a billion-dollar box-office gross. Maybe it was more down to brand recognition, but Disney has yet to really flop with any of its live-action remakes.

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