Roland Emmerich to hurl Asteroids at men


Roland Emmerich may be taking his penchant for loud, mindless, awesome destruction to the very stars themselves. Universal has offered Emmerich the director’s chair for an upcoming adaptation of the classic video game Asteroids. The story added onto the narrative-lacking game is that the Earth has already been destroyed by aliens, and humans live in colonies in the asteroid belt, along with the aliens that destroyed the Earth. Basically, it could fit very well as a sequel to about 90% of Emmerich’s previous works.

I wonder if Roland Emmerich will still be interested in this property, as the director claimed he was finished with films that involve destroying the planet. With the upcoming Anonymous (see the awesome trailer here), he seems to be making an actual shift away from the big mindless epic. Of course, I guess that statement really depends on how good Anonymous is. At any rate, he’s only been offered the project. There’s no telling if this film will even ever happen.

[Via Coming Soon]