Rumor: Michael B. Jordan cast as human torch


Word is coming down that Michael B. Jordan, who might be next years Benedict Cumberbatch in terms of hot actors, has just signed the deal to play the Human Torch/Johnny Storm in the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, reuniting him with Chronicle director Josh Trank. His casting has been rumored for a while, but according to Schmoe Knows he’s put pen to paper and it’s all official (though it really isn’t until we get studio confirmation).

I haven’t seen anyone be really upset by the casting and there really isn’t any reason to be. It does raise the question of if the Invisible Woman/Sue Storm will now be cast as black or if the two characters will no longer be siblings. If I had to make a guess I’d say they won’t be since all of the casting rumors have been for white actresses or there will be some sort of adoption angle. The casting choices are hinting at a Fantastic Four that’s a bit out of line with the comic book versions as on top of a black human torch we’re getting younger Reed Richards and Sue Storm.

I still really love this casting as Jordan is a fantastic actor and can play both humble and hot headed incredibly well.

Matthew Razak
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