Rumor: Naked Schwarzenegger will be sans Penys in Terminator: Genisys


We try to stay away from rumors as much as possible, but as in the past, sometimes something so ridiculous pops up, I just have to tell you about it. Case in point, the craziest thing I’ve heard about Terminator: Genisys (besides its awful name and story) is that the naked T-800 (as shown in the numerous spots and trailers) will show up without its wingle dangle. 

According to TheTerminatorFans (which usually has a good track record for these things), naked CG Arnold will resemble a ‘Ken doll’: 

‘The Terminator’ has been castrated folks! He will now resemble a ‘Ken Doll’ (Barbie’s boyfriend)…Back-shots of the stunt-double will be retained, while all frontal shots could will be 100% CGI Arnold with the above ‘Ken doll’ crotch…. the young Schwarzenegger stunt-double wore a c*ck sock (material worn on his genitals) for filming scenes, [and] obviously the ‘offending article’ will be removed with CGI magic for the movie.


On a serious note, this kind of sucks. One of the more hilarious bits of the original Terminator films was the T-800s were obviously equipped with man parts. Ah, but that was a bygone era full of all sorts of d*cks. Terminator: Genisys opens May 1st. 

[The Terminator Fans, via io9]