Rumor: WB offers Bale $60 million to return as Batman


A number of names have been floated to play the Caped Crusader in the forthcoming Batman vs. Superman film. Some possibilities include Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, Scott Adkins, and Orlando Bloom. Time to add another name to the mix: Christian Bale.

The Sun (get your BS meters out) has reported that Warner Bros. is willing to pay Bale $60 million to return as the Dark Knight in the Man of Steel sequel. While Bale is 39 and fits the profile of a 40ish Batman, this rumor seems suspect. Bale is unlikely to return for a Justice League movie, but who knows — maybe he also likes lots of dirty stinkin’ money.

With yesterday’s National Enquirer rumor about Fox offering Hugh Jackman $100 million to play Wolverine four more times, the high-priced casting trifecta is now in play for the week. On Friday I expect Sony to offer Damon Wayans $20 million to reprise his role as Blankman (source: TMZ).

Again, this is just a rumor. But if true, how would you feel about Bale returning as Batman? Is he worth $60 million? And for those who have seen The Dark Knight Rises, what do you think about this?

[The Sun via Badass Digest]

Hubert Vigilla
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