Sabotage gets bumped to a March 28 release date


I’m not quite sure what to think about Sabotage. It’s got Arnold as a cop with big guns so I lean towards dumb action flick, but then you realize that the director of one of the best cop movies of the decade, End of Watch, is directing it and you have to wonder if there’s something more. It appears we’ll find out much sooner as the film has had its release date bumped up to March 28.

The film was originaly meant to land on April 11, which is a pretty open weekend spot at the moment, but would have only been one week after Captain America: The Winter Soldier opened so they probably wanted to give it some sort of chance. On the down side, it opens the film up against The Raid 2: Berandal, which should draw in the same kind of crowd and looks much, much cooler.

The announcement also came with an new poster.

Matthew Razak
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