Scorcese determined to finish Wolf of Wall Street on time


Martin Scorsese’s absolutely fantastic looking The Wolf of Wall Street was looking get kicked back past awards season this year thanks to it not being ready yet, but you can’t count a good director out. Scorsese says he is determined to have editing done and that while the movie won’t land on it’s original November 15 date we should see it by December 25. 

The film is overly long and pushing a NC-17 rating so Scorsese and his and his longtime editor Thelma Schoonmaker are hard at work editing it. They need to get it done by November 25 before Scoreses has to go judge a film festival and leaving enough time for Paramount execs to actually watch the thing. They obviously want it in contention for the awards season, but a 2014 release could still be feasible as Shutter Island was a massive box office hit for the director when it was released early in a new year.

[via Showbiz 411]

Matthew Razak
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